Region Pfalz

Umgebung Hotel Am Hirschhorn



Not just guests seeking relaxation, but also guests wanting to go on excursions at their own expense come to the Manor Am Hirschhorn.

Already Richard the Lion-Hearted "enjoyed" the hospitality of the Palatinate Forest and resided not far from Wilgartswiesen at the Trifels Castle of the probably most well-known kingdom-of the Palatinate ruled by Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. Take a brief trip back into German history and visit the Hambach Castle, the birthplace of German democracy or allow yourself to be led away on the Berwartstein Fortress into the Middle Ages.

The Southwest Palatinate invites both old and young persons to take a stroll–regardless of whether it is a city tour through the picturesque historical backdrops of Speyer, Landau and Neustadt, a visit to the Shoe Museum in Hauenstein or the Wawi Chocolate Factory in Pirmasens. The Silz Wilderness & Hiking Park is always worth an excursion.
You can hike along the German Wine Road or enjoy the pristine nature of green meadows and shadowy forests on one of the countless premium hiking trails in the Palatinate, directly next to the hotel or quite nearby.
For bicyclists as well, the Palatinate Region provides diverse offerings of well-maintained biking paths which are worth exploring.

Naturally, during a visit to our Landhaus Am Hirschhorn, one should also take a short trip to the Shoe Mile Hauenstein or to the Style Outlet Zweibrücken.


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