Excursions, Museums and More

Here, we have compiled some of the most interesting excursion destinations for you.

  • Glass Shoe Factory of Joseph Seibel, Hauenstein
    Experience shoe production up close and personal
    Open: April – October, Mondays – Fridays
  • Shoe Museum Hauenstein
    Interesting facts and knowledge about the theme of shoes
    Open daily including Sundays and legal holidays
  • Dynamikum Pirmasens
    The Science Centre for participating and experiencing
    Open daily including Sundays and legal holidays
  • Technical Museum of Speyer
    The history of technology up close and personal with a boardable Boeing 747 and much more
    Open daily for you
  • Historical Museum of the Palatinate, Speyer
    Interesting exhibits for constantly-changing themes will excite both old and young
    Open Tuesdays to Sundays as well as legal holidays
  • Hambach Castle, Neustadt-Hambach
    The birthplace of German democracy with exhibits upon a constant basis
    Open daily for you
  • Trifels Fortress, Annweiler
    The favourite fortress of Emperor Barbarossa
    Open daily, closed in December
  • Berwartstein Fortress, Erlenbach near Dahn
    The legendary robber baron fortress in the Southwest Palatinate
    Open daily March-October, November-February Saturdays and Sundays
  • Chocolate World Pirmasens
    The chocolate side of the Palatinate with a museum and a factory
    Open Mondays to Saturdays, free-of-charge admission
  • Wilderness & Hiking Park, Silz
    The unique nature experience with wolf-feeding
    Open daily for you
  • Holiday Park, Haßloch
    The recreational park with magnificent attractions
    Open: Ask your team from the Hotel "Am Hirschhorn"
  • Spa Palatinate Park, Wachenheim
    The Wilderness & Recreational Park
    Open: Ask your team from the hotel "Am Hirschhorn"