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The World of Pure Champagne - The Most spectacular Champagne Selection in Germany!

With expertise and expertise, we have selected the best among the small (up to 10ha) Winzerbetrieben, which have received many awards and are highly praised by the press.

Unique selection only with us! 17 different wineries - 70 different champagnes.

Quote Madame Lily Bollinger: "I drink champagne when I'm happy, and when I'm sad, sometimes I drink it when I'm alone, and when I'm in company I can not go without it, when I'm not hungry I do I am hungry for it, and when I am hungry I make it taste good, otherwise I will not touch it unless I am thirsty. "

Like Madame Bollinger, we believe that champagne should not just be seen as an exclusive product, but that you should treat yourself to it more often. Here at Hotel Am Hirschhorn we want to show our guests that Champagne is more than Moet & Chandon or Veuve Cliquot at horrendous prices. We have set ourselves the task of getting to know the Champagne in the Palatinate Forest, in Wilgartswiesen, quite differently. Our own imports of small champagne producers clearly show the authenticity of Champagne. We visited all our champagne winemakers ourselves and bought directly from you. At the Hotel Am Hirschhorn, here in the Palatinate, you will experience champagne delights of the new kind - natural, authentic and fairly calculated ... Is your mouth watering? ... then take a look at the champagne menu ... The team at the Hotel Am Hirschhorn is pleased to be able to inspire you with great, creative dishes and a delicious champagne

Champagne - a great lifestyle!
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